Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tattoo Sketch

You know that feeling when you have an essay to write or an exam to revise for and...well, you just can't be fucked? That exact feeling is why I produced this. I was bored one day applying for jobs via email so I decided to sketch this bird-like creation on the back of an old white envelope. I used a black permanent marker and a blue biro. Just sayin'.
Smart Shoes

So basically I needed some smart shoes to wear out. I went to Primark and these were £6. It's as simple as that.
My February Favourite

I have to agree with Resident Advisor, when I first heard this tune I was a little underwhelmed. There's no real build up or drop for something which you would consider minimal techno. But then there is this man, repeatly saying something about 'cocaine powder'. Catchy, oh so catchy. In the words of the late Bing Crosby, "Let it Snow".

The tune is simply called 'Sicko Cell' by Unknown Artist.

Monday, 19 December 2011

LDN September 2011
Good times...

 Left: Joe Day and I enjoy a swift beer in Convent Garden.

Below: The walk to Craven Cottage. Very posh road.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Shop Around: COW Vintage

Managed to find this tight check flannel shirt in Cow Vintage, Manchester. Priced at a cheeky £12 this is hopefully the perfect Christmas gift for my old man! It's worth looking in store for more styles / bargains, but unfortunately the Manchester outlet is dominated by a vast majority of female garments.